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7 Common Signs You Have A Hidden Water Leak In Your Home

Not all leaks are created equal – and some can be hard to find! Are you wondering if you may have a hidden water leak in your home? There are 7 common signs to watch out for that may give you the answer you’ve been looking for.

1. Low Water Pressure

Have you turned on the shower or faucet only to be met with extremely low water pressure suddenly? This can make tasks such as showering and bathing or washing dishes quite the frustrating task. Usually low water pressure is caused by a buildup of sediment in pipes, fault valves, and yes – water leaks!

2. Mold or Mildew

Not only can mold and mildew be unsightly, but they can also be harmful to your health. Because mold thrives in moisture, it’s no surprise that leaks can cause this. Mold can grow as a result of moisture that’s caused by things such as a leaking washing machine hose, a leaking pipe, or something else.

3. An Unexplained, Foul Odor

There’s nothing like an unexplained foul odor to make you panic. Usually the smell is musty, indicating mold or mildew somewhere you can’t see. This smell could also be an indication there’s stale water accumulating somewhere hidden. If you’re noticing a musty smell all of a sudden, contact a plumber right away.

4. Higher-Than-Usual Water Bills

More likely than not, your water bills are probably around the same each month. That is, unless you have out-of-town guests or another change in your daily routine. However, if you have noticed a massive jump in your water bills unexpectedly, then it could be due to a hidden water leak.

5. Damaged or Stained Walls and Ceilings

Visible damage to your walls and ceilings is hard to miss. Whether you’re noticing paint or wallpaper is beginning to peel, your ceiling is beginning to sag, or there are water stains on the wall, you should contact a plumber right away. Those are all signs of a hidden water leak.

6. Strange Plumbing Noises

When things are working as they should, you shouldn’t hear much noise coming from your pipes. However, if you notice sounds such as vibrating, rattling, or hissing, then those could be signs of a larger problem – like a hidden water leak inside your walls or pipes!

7. Damaged Flooring

If you’ve started to notice your floor is beginning to warp, stain or has a soft spot when you walk on it, then there could be a hidden leak. The same is true if you have carpeting and notice it’s wet in certain spots.

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