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5 Benefits Of Installing A Water Softener Every Homeowner Should Know

Hard water can cause a variety of different issues, including but not limited to: hard-to-remove stains in the sink or toilet, soap scum sticking to your glassware, faded clothing after washing, and dry or itchy skin and hair after showering. Not only can this impact your daily routine, but it can also lead your plumbing system to prematurely deteriorate. That’s where a water softener comes in handy. There are 5 benefits of installing a water softener in your home. 1.

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Why Is My Water Heater Leaking And How Do I Fix It?

If you’ve noticed your water heater leaking, chances are you’re scrambling to find the best solution – and fast! Leaving leaks unaddressed for too long can cause water damage and high water bills. Water heaters can leak for a number of reasons. We cover what those reasons are, and how to fix them. 1. Old Tank Your water heater may be leaking simply because it’s just old and reached the end of its lifespan. Overtime, parts age and wear out.

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Top Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Plumber

Are you needing to hire a plumber to take care of repairs, replacement, or maintenance? Regardless of what you need a plumber for, it’s important you know the right questions to ask before hiring one. 1. Are You Certified, Licensed, and Trained? This is one of the most important questions you should ask a plumber. The last thing you want to do is hirer a plumber that doesn’t have the proper certification, licensing or training to complete the job. You

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