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Top Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Plumber

Are you needing to hire a plumber to take care of repairs, replacement, or maintenance? Regardless of what you need a plumber for, it’s important you know the right questions to ask before hiring one.

1. Are You Certified, Licensed, and Trained?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask a plumber. The last thing you want to do is hirer a plumber that doesn’t have the proper certification, licensing or training to complete the job. You want someone who is knowledgeable and will perform the job well. Make sure you hire a plumber who is certified, licensed and trained in this industry.

2. Do You Have Insurance?

Insurance is another big one. You should only work with a plumber that has liability insurance and workman’s comp – and can prove they have both. Things can go horribly wrong in this trade, and it can be extremely costly if they do. If you hire someone who doesn’t have insurance, you may find yourself liable and have to pay to fix the problem yourself.

3. How Many Years Have You Been In Business?

Knowing how many years they’ve been in business is a great way to know how much experience they have – so make sure this is one of the questions you’re asking the plumber. The more experience the plumber has, the better. For example, would you rather work with a plumber that has been in business for two years or a plumber that has been in business for twenty? An experienced plumber is more likely to be able to address any problem they are given, and to address it well and accurately.

4. Do You Give Estimates In Writing?

First off, you want to hire a plumber that will give you an estimate and not leave you guessing. Second off, you want to hire a plumber that will give you this estimate in writing. You may find plumbers will give you estimates over the phone without ever stepping foot on your property, which can be a red flag. Once they’ve seen your home, and know the scope of the project, they should be able to give a better estimate – and one that is in writing so there’s no room for miscommunication or misunderstanding.

5. Do You Offer A Warranty?

Out of all the questions to ask a plumber, make sure this is a top one. To ensure the plumbing job has really been done well, it’s important you get a warranty on the work. A warranty is often a satisfaction guarantee that if the job fails in any way, they’ll come back and repair it for free. Make sure you’re asking questions like this upfront. It gives you, as the homeowner, peace of mind.

6. What Are Your Fees?

Knowing the pricing upfront is a great way to know whether or not you want to do business with this company. Choosing the cheapest company isn’t always best, though, so it’s important to keep that in mind. However, you also may not want to choose a company that is way beyond your budget. Understanding the fees upfront will help avoid any surprises down the line, and allow you a chance to stick within your budget.

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